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Powered by technology, our modern work ecosystem brings together flexible jobs, opt-in benefits, and a supportive community. We use high-skilled, work-from-anywhere roles to accelerate a woman’s career. By working on a wider range of opportunities in a shorter amount of time, women can rise up faster. Companies seeking to fill internal skills gaps, staff part-time leadership roles, or complete time-sensitive projects can use the platform as a new avenue for recruitment.
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Founding Story

Vivian Chen, founder of Rise
Vivian Chen, founder of Rise

Hey there, I’m Vivian!  👋

My first job out of college was a job every girl wanted. I worked at L’Oréal, working on brands like Lancôme, Kiehl’s, and Garnier. I launched new products to the market and my bathroom cabinet looked like Sephora.

But I grew antsy at the traditional 9-to-5 and left to do something by myself. Like many first-time entrepreneurs, my first business failed. So I picked up independent consulting by chance and in a matter of months, I scored an incredible list of clients from category-creating startups to leading Fortune 500 companies.

The aha moment came when one year into going independent, I was offered a job that was 5 levels above where I was a year ago. I realized that I had accidentally stumbled upon a way to leapfrog my career.

That’s why I founded Rise, to help other women take charge of their careers to go further, faster, on our own terms.

If I can do it, so can you. 🦄💪


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women to go further, faster, on their own terms.

Our Vision

We are building a world where every women can rise up, define her own path, and unlock her full potential.

Our Team

Rise is powered by women. Our HQ is in NYC, but you can find us from sea to shining sea. Don’t be shy, say hello online or offline 🙂

Vivian Chen Rise
Vivian - Founder & CEO
Lauren Zahorec, Rise
Lauren - Head of Sales & Partnerships
Reza Moreno Rise
Reza - Community & Content
Ana Carolina Fogaca Rise
Ana - Marketing
Carlene, Rise Design
Carlene - Design
Xiyu, Rise
Xiyu - Design
Charlie - Head of Barks & Recreation
Charlie - Head of Barks & Recreation
Meowzer - Head of Mousekeeping
Meowzer - Head of Mousekeeping

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