There are a ton of female entrepreneurs out there who are absolutely killing it. And while it’s easy to applaud the Audrey Gelmans, Jennifer Hymans, and Katrina Lakes of the world, there are countless female entrepreneurs accomplishing great things whom you (likely) don’t know about. This post is dedicated to shining a spotlight on these leaders because we know great things happen when women support women. Here are 5 kick-ass female entrepreneurs you may not have heard of but really should know:

1. Mathilde Collin, Co-founder and CEO of Front App

Mathilde Collin, female entrepreneur you should know about

Mathilde Collin cofounded Front App six years ago to create a collaborative inbox for businesses. Front has raised $135 million to date from investors such as Sequoia Capital, Anthos Capital, Qualtrics co-founders Ryan Smith and Jared Smith, and Zoom CEO Eric Yuan. According to Collin, Front is trying to redefine the future of work. That’s why the startup has chosen to surround itself with leaders of other companies who share the same purpose. With over 4500 customers and 100 employees in Paris, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, Front has a story that any budding startup would envy. According to Collin, the startup’s success took root thanks to a single trait: discipline. Her quiet focus and obsession with efficiency has been the propellor beneath the surface, helping to power Front’s impressive trajectory. From her pristine email templates to clockwork communication habits, discipline runs through all aspects of this female entrepreneur’s life.

2. Tracy Young, Co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid

Tracy Young, an advocator of female community and women support

After working as a construction project engineer for Rudolph and Sletten and realizing that the industry wasn’t utilizing technology efficiently, Tracy Young co-founded PlanGrid in 2011 . The startup digitizes paper blueprints and documents for the construction industry. Young raised $69 million in funding and scaled the company to 450+ employees. In November of 2018, Autodesk acquired the company for $875 million. In addition to successfully scaling PlanGrid and leading her team, Young also had a baby last year. She is living proof to all the women out there that it is possible to pursue both professional and personal goals simultaneously. Tracy is an icon in the female startup community and a believer in women support.

3. Anastasia Leng, Founder & CEO of Picasso Labs

Anastasia Leng, a woman we support

Prior to leading Picasso Labs, Anastasia Leng was the co-founder of Hatch. Through her efforts to grow revenue at Hatch, Leng began measuring how the content of an image impacted its performance. Her exploration into creating, posting, and promoting imagery based on data thus led her and the team to found Picasso Labs, an automated creative measurement platform. Before beginning her entrepreneurship journey, Leng spent five years at Google. Leng has lived in Bahrain, Vietnam, Hungary, Russia, France, England, and the US.

4. Lisa Falzone, Co-founder and CEO of Athena Security

Lisa Falzone, female entrepreneur you should know about

Lisa Falzone is a proven operator at scaling companies. First, she co-founded the first iPad-based point of sale system, Revel Systems, in 2010. By the time the company was acquired by a private equity firm in 2017, it had raised $200 million in financing and employed over 700 people globally. Then in 2018, Falzone and her Revel co-founder Chris Ciabarra decided to start their second company together – Athena Securities. The company provides computer vision technology integrated with security cameras. Like now ubiquitous fire alarms, Falzone envisions a world where Athena can provide ‘gun alarms’ to schools, churches, corporate buildings, and more, thus preventing shootings and dramatically increasing the efficiency of first responders. 

5. Karen Danudjaja, Co-founder and CEO of Blume

Karen Danudjaja

Last but not least, we have Karen Danudjaja. Originally from Toronto, Danudjaja moved to Vancouver to attend post-secondary then worked in the real estate industry before pursuing her dream of being an entrepreneur. With a mission to make healthy choices simple and fun, she co-founded Blume because she saw a need for nourishing caffeine free alternatives. Danudjaja is a firm believer in women support, especially in entrepreneurship where imposter syndrome is common. “[We] are very much about supporting, uplifting, and encouraging each other,” she says.