It’s no secret that establishing a solid morning routine can be incredibly beneficial. Not only can it help us reduce mental fatigue but, if done right, it also sets us up for a productive and successful day ahead. For those of us working from home, it can sometimes be difficult to set a routine – especially when no one is pressuring us to get out of bed! Without a routine, people often find themselves feeling lost or sometimes even more stressed from work, even with the flexible working hours. That is why we’ve come up with 5 simple habits to help you establish a morning routine for a stress-free, productive day of working from home.

1. Wake up at the Same Time Every Morning

Even with flexible working hours, try waking up at the same time every morning for better focus and productivity.

One of the greatest perks of working from home is the flexible working hours. While it may be tempting to sleep in past noon, especially after a late night, research has found that waking up at the same time every day improves overall sleep quality and helps you stay focused for longer periods of time. Just make sure that once you’ve committed to a wake-up time, you don’t end up hitting snooze and staying in bed for an extra hour!

2. Avoid Social Media Until your Workday Begins

Make sure your morning routine is tech free.

It’s all too easy to pick up your phone as soon as roll out of bed. In fact, scrolling through your Facebook feed or checking your texts has become the equivalent of reading the morning newspaper. Many of us already spend a lot of time using a screen for work, so it’s incredibly important to give your brain a tech cleanse in the morning, even if just for a few minutes. Your emails, texts, likes, and comments will still be there after you’ve had time to connect with yourself. Social can wait.

3. Journal & Practice Gratitude

Incorporate gratitude into your morning routine when working from home.

Take some time in the morning to reflect and write. This doesn’t have to be a “dear diary” sort of journal entry; simply allow your stream of consciousness to flow and jot down whatever comes to mind. There is no right or wrong way to journal. Feeling confused? Start by writing down a few things you are grateful for. These can be things that occurred during the previous day or more general aspects of your life. Journaling in the morning has been shown to reduce anxiety and promote personal growth and general wellbeing. It is a simple habit that will set you up for a productive rest of your day.

4. Identify your Goals for the Day

Taking time to set your goals before you begin working is a good habit that will help you work more productively and keep you on track.

When working from home, it can be tempting to get to work immediately. Sometimes, however, it can be helpful to outline your work hours, write down a to-do list, and identify your top goals and priorities for the day before beginning. Listing out your goals in the morning not only improves your focus but can also keep you accountable. Just don’t forget to celebrate all that you have accomplished at the end of the day!

5. Move your Body

Mornings are a good time to get active. Take advantage of your flexible working hours and incorporate some movement into your morning routine.

Finally, take advantage of a flexible schedule in the morning to get active. Incorporating some movement after waking up has been to shown to improve attention and decision-making abilities, helping you feel refreshed and energized to take on the day. Not the most active person? Try doing a quick pilates workout or going for a short walk outside. 

Here are some of our favorite at-home workout options:

  • Blogilates: Youtube fitness channel consisting of pilates-style toning classes 
  • Core Power Yoga: Offers a variety of guided yoga and sculpting classes, from high-intensity Vinyasa flows to 14-day Core Challenges
  • Peloton: On-demand and archived classes ranging from spinning to bodyweight workouts
  • PopSugar Fitness: Completely free fitness tutorials, ranging from Cardio Dance classes to No-equipment Boxing classes and everything in between

Whatever you decide on doing, make sure it’s something enjoy.