A Little Help Is All It Takes To Lift Your Website To The Next Level


As a small business owner, you are already keenly aware that you need a website. But, even if you already have your site up and running, there are always ways to improve your online presence. Thanks to growing fields of contemporary expertise, there are many people out there just waiting to help you succeed. Keep scrolling to find out a few of the top people you might not have considered that can have a huge impact on your bounce rate and bottom line.



YouTube and it’s biggest competitor Vimeo receive billions of views each day. If you don’t have video content online, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of the web marketplace. Through videos, Intechnic explains you can quickly convey information to your customers; and refine the relationship in a manner that isn’t possible through text or graphics. But it is not enough to simply upload a quick video feed; the most effective videos are professionally shot and edited. 

With this in mind, consider hiring a videographer; someone who can help you brainstorm ideas and create videos that will resonate with your audience. Once your video is complete, be sure to caption it for your customers who may be hearing-impaired. If you aren’t sure how to get that done, sites like Rev can create transcribed video captions that follow ADA and FCC compliance regulations.

CSS developer

You might’ve seen advertisements for DIY website builders around the internet. While these may be okay for a personal blog, your work project deserves more. Hire a CSS developer with experience in all of the inner workings of web creation and design. Look for someone with a deep knowledge of front-end framework that can bring your web design to life. 

Developers range in price from about $25 per hour on the low end to $100 per hour or more. Before settling on someone to perform this valuable IT function, check out their portfolio; make sure they understand your vision, and they have the drive to bring it to life. Your CSS developer can work closely with your digital branding partner to ensure that the visual aspects of your website, including the fonts, colors, and layout, are user-friendly, memorable, and easy to navigate. 

Digital branding specialist


A digital branding specialist knows how to create, maintain, and market your business’s brand across all digital channels. They can take your real-world marketing materials and translate them for the online world. 

Smart Insights explains that digital branding is part of a marketing strategy; it can relay your message in a way that consumers want. This might encompass everything from where you post your videos to the types of images you include in your written content. 

When you are ready to hire a digital marketing and branding specialist, don’t leave it to chance. A platform like Rise can connect you with an expert who has verified experience; someone who has a proven track record of results. The women of Rise come from diverse backgrounds and can bring corporate-level experience and insights your small business.

SEO marketer

All businesses should include search engine optimization in their marketing budget. After all, if your website does not garner the attention of Google, Bing, and other search engines, your amazing videos, graphics, and blog posts may never be seen. Keep in mind, however, that search engine algorithms change constantly, and you will want to ensure that your SEO firm keeps up-to-date with modern requirements. 

Search Engine Journal explains that “old hat” SEO tricks, like keyword stuffing and short content, are long gone. Ask your preferred company for examples and links to their clients’ websites to get a better idea of the type of end product and quality you can expect.

If it seems like the vast majority of the above individuals are in marketing, it’s because they are. Your online presence, including your content and digital branding, can either make or break you. Inserting individuals with expertise in these areas is one of the best ways to ensure that your customers can find you and that your website can hold their attention. This will translate and happier customers and more money in your pocket.

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