One of the biggest mistakes business leaders make is spending more time working on day-to-day tasks instead of big-picture plans.

Are you the type of business leader who worries about the little things? Or, do make plans, take chances and spend the lion’s share of your day strategizing? Find out the difference between working on versus in your business — and why you need to choose the former to ensure your company thrives.

On Vs. In Your Business

What is the difference between working on your business versus in it? Leaders who work in their businesses spend way too much time on tasks they could pay others to complete. Instead of growing their business, they tend to stay stagnant. 

Instead of boldly going where other companies have not, they get stuck in cycles of fear and worry.

Business Leaders Who Work In Their Businesses

Work Longer Hours

When you’re working in your business, you tend to do too much. You don’t act like a leader. Instead, you find yourself doing the mundane tasks you could easily hire someone else to do. 

If you’re spending your days ordering supplies, scheduling the water cooler refills and balancing spreadsheets, you aren’t growing your business. 

Business leaders need to spend their time growing their businesses. They’re worried about the little things that they could easily pay someone half their salary to be worried about instead.

Successful business owners are good at delegating — and choosing the right people to execute tasks.

Lose Perspective of Goals

When we are able to see the ‘big picture,’ we never lose perspective of our goals. We know why we are doing something before we do it.

People who work in their business, tend to lose perspective of their goals. They are so wrapped up in doing the mundane tasks, they can’t take a step back to see the more important ones. 

If you’re one of those business owners who consistently fails to plan for the future, forgets why you’re working in your field or misses new opportunities, you might want to reevaluate your role. 

Fail to Predict Potential Pitfalls

When we fail to see the big picture, we often fail to spot potential pitfalls we could have easily avoided. 

Business leaders will often lead their teams right into peril if they aren’t paying attention on the horizon.

If you’re a leader who’s spending too much time on menial tasks your employees should be executing, you’re not paying attention to the important things. Loosen the reigns and let go a little. After all, if you lead your company straight into danger, do you think your employees are going to stick around to go down with the ship?

Business Leaders Who Work On Their Businesses

Understand the Bigger Picture

Business leaders who free up their time by delegating tasks others could do have more time to spend budgeting, strategizing and dreaming. (Yes, dreaming is an important part of doing business.)

Spend Time on Tasks That Matter

If you want to grow your business, you need to focus only on the tasks that matter. This means prioritizing tasks that only you (the leader) can execute. When you free up your time by delegating the small stuff, you have time to strategize and plan. When you have time to strategize and plan, you start investing in your company’s future.

Create Their Future

Where is your company right now? Where do you want it to be in six months, one year and three years? How are you going to get there? When you’re not saddled with the mundane tasks of working in your business, you can spend much-needed time propelling your business into the future.