I tried Casper’s Dreamery to nap in the middle of my workday…

I tried Casper’s Dreamery to nap in the middle of my workday…

It’s not everyday that you get to take a nap in the middle of the workday, but with The Dreamery by Casper, a midday nap is now a reality. 

The Dreamery aims to provide a unique resting experience as a midday break for busy working professionals, jetlagged tourists, or when you just can’t keep your eyes open. It’s hard to find a quiet place to relax in New York City. Casper created The Dreamery in hopes to promote the importance of sleep through the use of their comfy mattresses.  

Do you ever feel burnt out, overworked and generally just tired?

Although the need for self care is often neglected, it holds a strong role in productivity and wellbeing.

Arianna Huffington speaks out often about how her lack of sleep led her to overworking herself and extreme exhaustion. Huffington Post offices, as well as other large technology companies, now provide employees with nap pods. The upcoming trend aims to increase productivity and the well being of employees.

The entrance of The Dreamery presents a dark blue tunnel with twinkling lights. The serenity eases the transition from the busy city streets into a more calming environment. Upon arrival in the lounge area, I was given pajamas, skin care products from Sunday Riley and complimentary snacks. The main lounge area is specifically designed to help visitors wind down before your nap.

Many places around the city, like various coffee shops and coworking spaces, tailor to maximize people’s productivity. However, The Dreamery is designed to help people wind down and relax as a break from their crazy work lives. 

Once you are checked in, the preparation room is the next step towards your nap. There are bathrooms, changing rooms, and lockers and a large shelf with toothbrushes, toothpaste, ear plugs and eye masks. The Dreamery staggers each scheduled nap so individuals have an easy time preparing for their nap.

The Dreamery midday nap during a workday

Rest and Recharge

I was guided to my sleep pod where a comfy mattress in a secluded private Nook awaited me. Each pod is a circular wooden ring that appears as if it is floating. Heavy fabric curtains cover the pod, leaving you with a private space. The design is circular to make it feel like a larger space than it is. There is white noise and soft sleepy tunes playing in the background of the room. Your private pod is equipped with outlets to recharge your phone while you doze off.

After long working hours, The Dreamery is an ideal place to restore your body and mind. It has thoughtfully planned naps around personal convenience and self care. You are slowly awoken from your nap as the lights gradually turn on. The lounge area provides complimentary drinks and snacks including cold brew while you continue the rest of your day. 

The Dreamery by Casper - midday nap

What if spaces like The Dreamery were found throughout the city as common as a SoulCycle?

The Dreamery has designed a space for the ultimate napping experience. Casper claims that sleep is often overlooked as a priority. With busy work schedules and everyday activities, a full night of sleep can be difficult to have regularly. The Dreamery gives a balance between work and life. If spaces like The Dreamery were commonly accessible without the trek downtown, the thought of rejuvenation could arise more commonly in the minds of working individuals. Companies could even have the opportunity to issue employees credit to nap. The Dreamery by Casper promotes the importance of self care in the workplace with easy access for quick nap in the workday. 

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