It’s a Monday morning, the start of your week and you are ready to conquer your week. Your alarm goes off at 10am. Probably the same time you should be heading into work, but the glorious side of being a freelancer (consultant) is that you can make up your own hours. 

Once you roll out of bed, you walk into the kitchen to make yourself a cup of morning joe. That saves you about an average of $50/week to buying out. From there you run to the bathroom instead of running to public transit to catch your 11 am meeting. 

Since your meeting is just a video chat away, you get ready by putting on your makeup, a nice blouse with pj bottoms still on the bottom half. No one but your cat will be seeing you anyway. 

You spend all morning answering emails while watching the morning news or catching up on your favorite show. Then you head into your project of the day that is due. You look around your home-y office space and see that your only co-workers are your cat Thomas and your plants sitting on the window sill. Yet you are not complaining. Sometimes it is better to have them as your office pals than someone who can distract you from your work. 

It’s now almost noon and your stomach is growling. But thank goodness it’s not your bank account as you can easily beat lunch lines at your local office eatery. It’s just yourself and your fridge with endless options.

Maybe you have a backyard, rooftop or patio? Well there is definitely nothing better than a lunch break with views. As you sip on your homemade juice, you can’t imagine a better work/life balance. From there you fit in a little yoga or meditation instead of feeling stiff in your office chair and having no place to destress. 

Although you have time to relax in-between projects for clients, most of them work in a traditional 9-5 setting. Once you understand that, it will be easier to work around your schedule and get things done on time. 

As the day starts to unwind, you no longer have to rush home during rush hour. You are instead rushing to get ready to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor with a glass of wine as you successfully handled 3 projects, answered 50 emails and are now ready to call it a night. 

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Illustration by Scribbles By Nicole