Employer Branding Best Practices for 2020

Employer Branding Best Practices for 2020

You care a lot about your company’s brand, but what about your employer branding? Is your organization the type of company where women want to work? 

When it comes to attracting the right employees, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the right circles and promoting your company’s culture in the best ways possible.

Reach Women Where They Hang Out

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Where do women hang out? If you’re not in the same digital spaces as most women, you’re not going to get many resumes.

Women generally gravitate toward social media these days — for everything from career advice to parenting and wellness advice. 

If you want to hang out where women do, you’ll need to head to Facebook and Instagram

Share Your Culture, Mission and Values

Women care more about workplace culture and values now more than ever before. How does your company serve the greater good? Does your mission align with that of the women you’re trying to attract?  What organizations do you partner with? 

Your company culture is a snapshot of these beliefs and goals. Employees who find purpose in their work are more likely to be productive than those who don’t — and women are not only seeking a paycheck. They are seeking professional fulfillment. 

Offer Experiential and Interactive Events

Employer Branding

Employer branding is all about attracting people to you — not the other way around. If you want to woo applicants, you’ll need to show them what your office culture is all about. 

Throw an event and hire a motivational speaker that your target audience follows (again, social media is a great place to find out which speakers women follow most). Hold the event in your office to show off your perks.

Or, if your office is remote, hold the event somewhere that encourages participation, such as a zoo, museum or chef’s kitchen. 

It’s also important that these events be as interactive as possible. If your attendees are participating, they’re more likely to experience an emotional attachment to the material.

Align With the Right Partners

It’s easier to reach a large group of applicants if you’re aligned with the right groups and organizations. If you can create connections with the right partners, you’ll more easily find your target audience. 
Online women’s career groups and organizations like joinrise.cocan help you find the candidates that will fit best with your organization.

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