Ladies, let’s face it, female founders have it hard. Recently, FF Ventures created an amazing round-up of resources to help female entrepreneurs in New York City. We were featured along with some notable organizations, networks, accelerators, and venture capital firms. We are honored to support women founders and women-led businesses. Let’s do more to build out a thriving ecosystem of female entrepreneurship in NYC.

Female Founders Guide
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Female Founders Unite

We wanted to share this guide with its treasure trove of information to help propel your venture forward. The guide contains the following resources specifically directed towards female founders in NYC:

  • VC firms
  • Institutions
  • Communities
  • Accelerators
  • Co-working spaces
  • Publications
  • Podcasts
  • Female-founded NYC startups

One of the hardest things in starting a company, especially a female-founded company, is access to capital and networks to help scale its growth. A bootstrapped startup lacks money to hire and scale beyond the founding team.null

The Funding Gap

Out of the 100+ billion VC dollars invested in the US last year, only 12% went to teams with a female founder. And on the flip side, a whopping 71% of US-based venture capital firms have zero women investors.  Less than 30 years ago, a woman needed a male relative to co-sign a small business loan. Today, while women can sign their own loans, most banks loan women $1 for every $23 they loan to men.

Today, women start businesses at three times the rate compared to men despite the funding gaps. Imagine the economic potential if we invested in women founders on par with our male counterparts. We still have a ways to go on the funding front, but resources like these empower women-owned businesses to keep moving forward.

Rise is proud to be a resource to connect founders, especially female founders with women who support their missions. When women support women, we all win.