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My mind was racing all day at the thought of a stranger poking me with needles. I walked into WTHN nervous and tense, and left feeling relieved, calm and free of stress. After settling back into work, I quickly noticed how acupuncture actually made me more productive.

Acupuncture is a form of medicine and treatment that involves thin needles being inserted into your body. For someone who flinches and cringes every time before getting a shot, I wasn’t sure acupuncture was a good idea. However after hearing rave reviews, I thought I would give it a whirl. 

The Ultra-Modern Wellness Haven, Picture Perfect for Instagram 

As I walked through the doors, I was greeted with a dainty clear cup of hot herbal tea and guided to a comfy lounge before my appointment. I immediately noticed the clean white walls. Each wall is decorated with a wave of succulent plants as if they were floating and sprouting out of the walls. It was like all of my plant dreams were coming true. Interior designers at Hyphen designed the space as well as offices for Class Pass, Rent the Runway, Mndfl, and Ject. The gray bench of couches and small circular ottomans made the space feel like a Japanese zen garden.

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Despite the serene environment, my mind fluttered with stress of work I had to do later as well as anticipating being probed with needles by a stranger. Once it was time, my acupuncturist took me back and we thoroughly discussed my personal lifestyle and habits. We concluded that my two main priorities were sleep and stress. I was treated based on my body and symptoms. The personal experience gave me a sense of ease. As a woman with a history of anxiety and worry, my acupuncturist created a personalized plan to help reduce tension and stress.

The Healing Dream Team

With headphones playing a soothing meditation playlist and an eye mask on, I laid on a heated table ready to try acupuncture for the first time. The space radiated positive energy and my acupuncturist calmly talked me through as she put each needle in. It only felt like a small pinch! The top of each needle was a vibrant color. It made them look like birthday candles when standing up and actually made the experience a bit more fun.

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The relaxing audio system calmed my mind from panicking that my body was covered in needles. I had needles on my feet, hands, arms and forehead. I had never thought that I would have needles in my head but surprisingly, I could barely feel them. 45 minutes went by until I peacefully woke up and I had the needles removed. 

After my appointment, I received a personal consultation on the best healing tips specifically designed for me. My acupuncturist provided feedback based on my health and lifestyle making the experience that much more wholesome.

Ancient Healing for Modern Life 

WTHN uses acupuncture to promote wellness and healing; it’s the ultimate crossroad of ancient medicine and modern therapy. The location of each needle treats a different part of the body and the benefits are endless. Releasing tension and stress through acupuncture allowed me to focus more clearly later on and made me more productive. I not only used acupuncture to benefit my stress and anxiety but also my sleep troubles. I have always endured the troubles of insomnia but with just one appointment, I had an easier time falling asleep. And these are just a few of the many benefits that acupuncture could help with; whether it’s chronic pain, digestion, skin conditions, depression, and many others, acupuncture is worth the shot (or the needle!).

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Taking time out of my day for an acupuncture appointment initially worried me; I thought about all of the things I could be checking off my to-do list.

Ultimately, blocking off an hour of my work day for acupuncture made me more productive later on.

If you are an entrepreneur that has struggled with keeping productivity and creativity constantly flowing, acupuncture may be for you. Before trying WTHN, acupuncture was a pretty foreign concept to me. After trying it out myself, it’s definitely an interesting option for those plagued by intense stress.

Affordable and accessible, WTHN may be the Dry Bar of acupuncture and therapy. I’m sure convincing some first-timer to let a stranger put needles in you can be hard but it was definitely worth a try. My 60 minutes of acupuncture was the ultimate point of relaxation and I definitely felt the good WTHN!