Rise’s Radical Renegade is a monthly series featuring interviews with trailblazing career mavens. Meet Ashli Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever, the perfect self-care wellness brand.

Before starting Sunday Forever, Ashli Stockton had the cushiest job. Ashli worked for Victoria’s Secret, rising through the ranks for more than a decade. She earned herself the highly sought out position of Associate Vice President of Beauty Concept and Copy. Her job was to travel the world to spot trends in beauty and retail. Figuratively speaking, the job was tied up in a fancy bow with the corner office and all the perks that came with the glamorous job and chic title. 

Sunday Forever
Ashli Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever.

Everyone looking into her office would have seen a trendy and beautiful blonde, with a fresh blowout and glowing manicure, who just popped off a flight from Tokyo just in time to nail a major presentation with company’s executives. Ashli and her job appeared to be perfect- but things aren’t always as they seem. 

In reality, her life was made up of sleepless nights at the office preparing for meetings, waking up on planes not knowing what country she was in, weeks away from her family, pressure of planning the perfect outfit to look to appear a specific way, all while battling the never-going-away flu/cold/lethargy that most certainly came from not really taking care of herself. Her job was quite literally controlling her life. 

Sunday Forever
Pink fluffy slippers sold at Sunday Forever.

Ashli’s life was predictably chaotic and she was desperately seeking peace, but she didn’t know where to look or when she’d even have the time to find it. One Sunday afternoon, while she was admiring the simplistic beauty of a kimono hanging on the back of her door- it hit her. Despite the frenzy in her life, she had a knack for creating moments of ‘effortless elegance’ to be enjoyed all around her home; from the layered scent of candles, arrangements of crystals, or simply the way the silk of the kimono looked draped over the back of a chair. She thought to herself, if I need these moments of Sunday self-care, there must be other women out there that need them too. 

Ashli Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever.

Out of this need to help others, Sunday Forever came to be. Ashli started the company slowly and cautiously, working on side projects to save up enough money to quit her day job. She networked with like-minded women who were supportive of her new endeavor; during which, she learned new skills she’d need to start a business. She made progress and it took her over a year before she was able to make the leap.

On outside, Ashli is the type of woman that makes it look and sound easy. But when you speak with her, she is warm and encouraging with a beautiful vulnerability. She’s the kind of woman that you know wants to celebrate your wins with you; but also hopes to divide your frustration and fears by sharing some of the hurdles she’s come up against. In fact, early on in the business, she made a costly mistake that wiped out nearly half of what she had worked to save. She could have walked away, but she didn’t. She moved forward and continued to believe in herself after learning a valuable lesson. If you are a budding entrepreneur, she should be your muse. 

Sunday Forever
Ashli Stockton, founder of Sunday Forever.

Treasured self-care rituals, good vibes, and effortless elegance was the vision that encompassed Sunday Forever. The brand carries gorgeous kimono robes, delightful candles, whimsical crystals, jewelries and more. All the perfect essentials for a little self-care Sunday before the start of a brand new work week.

To Ashli, her dream job now means FREEDOM.


-Ashli Stockton
Sunday Forever

What brought you to start Sunday Forever?

“The idea was born out of the need for ‘self-soothing’ that came on Sundays, before the week was taken away from me. Just something simple, luxuriating in a kimono I brought home from Japan simply because it made me feel good. I began to contemplate, “I cannot be the only woman feeling this way. I want to help others too.”

What were some of your goals leading up to opening?

“My goals were small- not to overwhelm myself or to feel as if I was failing. By focusing on these small goals, I was able to slowly, but surely see success- first with robes, then candles, and slowly I expanded to full rituals, including podcasts.”

Sunday Forever

Any advice for others who wish to start their own business?

“Be vulnerable, be scrappy- take control of your life and soon you will have your freedom. But it all starts with the smallest- things, goals, progress! We are one of the only companies I know whose customers send US gifts because they are so thankful.”