Meet Emma Cohen, co-founder of FinalStraw, the original, collapsible and portable straw, made to save the oceans. In a time where there is more plastic in the sea than there are fish, this product is really great for our planet.

Emma Cohen, co-founder of FinalStraw

Emma studied Neuroscience at UCSB and then later went on to study environmental science at Harvard Extension School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After graduating in 2016, she went into government work, but as an honorary mermaid, government work doesn’t really suit a mermaid. 

Emma really learnt about the effects of single-use plastics when she was in college that was close to the ocean. She even did an amazing Tedx Talk called “How to Save a Mermaid.” 

Before Final Straw was launched, Emma and her friends created Save the Mermaids, a nonprofit educating people on the dangers of ocean pollution. So it’s really no surprise when Emma co-founded FinalStraw back in 2017. They created a kickstarter to introduce the idea and it generated $1.8 million. 

Everything changed for us overnight. We didn’t have a plan for delivering on the 100k straws.

-Emma Cohen

From thereafter, it was all about changing the world and being her own boss babe aka Mermaid in Chief. 

The straw itself collapses into its own case with a cleaning brush as well that can connect to your keychain, bag or even your jean belt for that perfect on the go drink. 

Emma wanted to put the life she wanted in motion and manifest good things to follow. She is very passionate about saving the environment little action by little action. From just two girls with an idea and passion to overnight recognition and success. 

“Structure your company and people around the mission. Everyone was motivated by and committed to the same cause,” said Emma.