Katherine Sprung is a female entrepreneur and founder of Squish Marshmallows.  From being a nightlife DJ to working in the corporate tech world to running a food blog, Katherine cultivated a unique skill set from a wide variety of industries before starting her own company.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Katherine for an afternoon and learn more about her journey. Gaining insight how she started her own marshmallow company, I received entrepreneur self care wisdom. After leaving a tech startup job, she began a food blog several years ago. After coming across a marshmallow recipe, she brought a homemade batch to a group dinner. The rest is history: her friends raved about them, encouraging her to make other flavors. Katherine derived inspiration from all of the foods around her and she began to experiment with unique ingredients. 

Katherine Sprung at Squish Marshmallows - Entrepreneur self care wisdom and advice

Marshmallows of Magnificent Magnitude

From spending three years as a nightlife DJ before joining a tech startup and then starting Squish Marshmallows, Katherine’s path was anything but typical.

Touching upon her transition from a variety of fields, Katherine established that, “Each of those different jobs offered unique skill sets and different disciplines that translated into running my own business.” Fueled by creativity, Katherine has followed her interests and passion. She has built Squish Marshmallows as a company for everyone to enjoy her delicious treats.

Entrepreneur self care advice and wisdom from marshmallow entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Self Care Wisdom

As a solo entrepreneur, business growth is always on Katherine’s mind. However finding an outlet to rejuvenate and focus on her well being is equally important.  Because she handles day-to-day operations and big picture thinking, Katherine faces overwhelming stress; she emphasized that talking about the struggles and hardships advances her personal growth and the success of the business in immeasurable ways. Katherine has also found ten minutes of meditation in the morning as a beneficial way to jump start her day. 

Entrepreneur self care by Katherine Sprung from Squish Marshmallows

Katherine highlighted several learning moments in her career so far, speaking openly about the importance of feedback. Working with food and experimenting with different flavors is constantly exciting Katherine. Consequently, she appreciates how the honest feedback customers, staff, friends, and other entrepreneurs can ground her and guide business decisions . 

As Katherine reflected back on her journey, she exuded infectious passion across every aspect of her company. As a champion advocate of other women-owned businesses, Katherine supports fellow sweets brands Tiny Kitchen Treats and Legally Addictive.