The 17 Best Resources for Female Founders

Best resources for female founders

From Front App’s Mathilde Collin to Zipcar’s Robin Chase, we are seeing more and more women enter the entrepreneurship scene and founding some of the most successful startups. Whether you’re looking to start your own company or expand your existing business as a freelancer, you are not alone. Here are some of our favorite resources for female entrepreneurs. From bootcamps, to incubators, to networking platforms, the resources from Rise will help you find your community of women and empower you to thrive as a founder.

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1. Women 2.0

Firstly, we have Women 2.0, whose mission is to increase the number of female founders in tech. With killer content, events, and a job board, it’s thus no surprise that this site is invaluable for tech-focused female founders.

2. Chic CEO

Chic CEO is an informational resource aimed at women who are interested in entrepreneurship. Their advice covers everything from copyrights to the pros and cons of buying a franchise. A strong emphasis on downloadable tools (think business plan outlines and contracts) makes this site a must-visit.

3. Ladies Who Launch

Ladies Who Launch is another active site for female entrepreneurs that provides resources for starting, building, as well as running a business. The site has a strong emphasis on PR – not surprising as founder Victoria Colligan, once a corporate attorney, has a background in marketing.

4. Rise

And of course, there’s Rise, the forward-looking career platform for entrepreneurial women. Here at Rise, we are focused on connecting self-starting, ambitious women like yourself to freelance, independent consulting projects. Powered by technology, our modern work ecosystem brings together flexible jobs, opt-in benefits, and a supportive community. We believe that by working on a wider range of opportunities in a shorter amount of time, women can rise up further, faster, and on their own terms. That is precisely why we created Rise. Join our community for free here and don’t forget to explore our blog for more resources on scaling your business.

5. Women Who Startup

Women Who Startup aims to connect female coders, founders, and entrepreneurs through various networking events and summits. They provide a community for women to learn from one another and share experiences. In addition, they also host a Women Who Startup Radio podcast that allows entrepreneurs around the world to participate in the conversation.

6. Founding Moms

Founding Moms is a community for women who are managing the demands of both family life and entrepreneurship. From offline meetups to online resources, the site allows mom entrepreneurs to connect, exchange and thus learn from each other. 

7. She Takes on the World

Emmy-award winning entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil’s She Takes on the World is a great blog for career-minded women and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs from all over the world have come to her site for inspiration, action steps, and support. Here you’ll find information ranging from business and brand building to superhuman health and living in alignment. It really shouldn’t be any surprise that her site made it on our list!

8. The Middle Finger Project 

The Middle Finger Project is for women looking to do things a little differently than what’s been conventionally done. The website first began as a blog by Ash Amber and has since grown into a guide on escaping the 9 – 5. The platform includes business and life workshops as well as lessons in copywriting, sales calls, and remaining confident and inspired. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to visit the site, Ash also has a killer sense of humor.

9. Blooming Founders

This dynamic network, founded by the brilliant Lu Li, is about supporting female entrepreneurs to build their businesses. Blooming Founders organizes events and workshops in the London area and also has a highly active Facebook group. It is the place to be for female founders looking to not only scale their business but also to connect with a community of women who share their passion for entrepreneurship.

10. Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association is another online hub that seeks to empower female entrepreneurs by giving them greater perspective on running a business. The website looks to help women turn ideas into opportunities, and transform opportunities into successful businesses.

11. BossBabe

Founded by business besties Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty, BossBabe is one of the fastest growing online communities for female entrepreneurs. BossBabe has supported thousands of women to build their businesses through The Société. Check out their site to gain access to various resources, a step-by-step action plan on how to scale your business, and an incredible network of female founders.

12. 37 Angels 

A community of female investors who wish to achieve gender equality in angel investing – that’s what 37 Angels is all about. The group offers mentorship networks as well as investor bootcamps (both online and in NYC) that teach women the art of angel investing.

13. The Women’s Venture Fund

The Women’s Venture Fund is another New York and New Jersey-based organization that offers training programs, one-on-one advisory services, and business loans to women entrepreneurs. Like many other organizations, their goal is to make information and resources available to and thus empower female founders. To date, they’ve helped launched more than 3,200 small businesses. 

14. Halo Incubator 

Based in New York, Halo is an incubator for pre-seed women entrepreneurs dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs solidify business plans, shape strategies, and raise capital, while amplifying their voices along the way. Halo provides education and resources to early stage startup founders through its incubator program, corporate workshops, and university education.

15. Astia 

San Francisco-based Astia identifies and promotes high-potential women-run ventures. It similarly provides networking opportunities, mentorship, and, crucially, access to investors and capital. By involving entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors, they’re working to change the startup ecosystem.

16. Tory Burch Foundation

The Tory Burch Foundation aims to empower female entrepreneurs through capital, entrepreneurial education, and fellowship programs. Their partnership with Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 Small Businesses program provides women small-business owners with business and management education. In addition, the Foundation offers plenty of opportunities for women to network with other business leaders.

17. Ellevate

Finally, Ellevate is a global professional women’s network dedicated to helping women establish real, authentic relationships. The Ellevate community is made up of successful, motivated, and passionate professional women from various industries and walks of life who share one common belief: that investing in themselves and in other women is good business.

Check out Rise for helpful female founder resources, tools, and more to navigate the changing world of work.

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