If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already ditched the office life. Congratulations! Yet, there’s also a strong possibility that you’ve also come to an impasse with your environment. Whether you’re lonely or craving co-working companionship or just plain bored all day, we’ve got you covered. These hot tips for working from home will transport you straight back to the honeymoon phase of your work from home lifestyle. 

Tips for Working From Home: Dos and Don’ts

Do join a co-working space to network and meet new friends.

Don’t fall into a trap of never leaving your apartment or office.

Do join an online group or community to help ease the suffering of solo work environments.

Don’t feel like a ‘slacker’ for scheduling socializing and networking events.

Do invest in an office or coworking space that sparks joy.

Don’t forget to take breaks from ‘busy work’ to take note of the surroundings at your coworking space.

Do invest in technology to keep you connected to your support system.

Don’t forget to consider joining collectives and thinktanks.

Do remember to stay motivated by turning off networking apps every once in a while.Don’t give up: work-life balance is a process and not a one-size-fits-all shop.

Tips for Working From Home #1: Join a Co-working Space

We know this advice is a little basic — but hear us out. 

Joining a coworking space is super important. Going into an office and hanging out by the cooler for 15 minutes each day can boost your productivity and make you a happy worker. But what’s more important? Taking advantage of the space’s networking amenities. 

By amenities, we’re talking about networking events, happy hours and courses. It’s not so easy to walk up to a complete stranger at a co-working space and make friends. What’s easier? Bonding over shared interests (or margaritas) at an event facilitated by a third party.

Tips for Working From Home #2: Use Remote Technology

Tools like Slack and Google Hangouts can keep you connected to clients and other remote coworkers. 

But they can also help you find groups of people with similar interests (and problems). More and more people are using these tools to meet friends outside of their professional networks. 
Another great way to meet people online from all over the world? WhatsApp.

Tips for Working From Home #3: Set Your OOO More

Yes, you’re ‘here’ to work. We get it. 

But aren’t you also here to have experiences IRL? Scheduling some out-of-office experiences will keep you happy and productive in your work environment. Just a few field trip ideas could include:

  • Learning and development sessions
  • Meetups
  • Networking events
  • Conferences

Tips for Working From Home #4: Don’t Forget Happy Hour!  

Socializing is a huge part of office life. Why forgo a little chilaxation when you’ve left the office environment?

Schedule happy hours with old coworkers, current team members, clients and friends. Building your business may be the most important part of your day. But at the end of the day, aren’t relationships your most important accomplishments?