The definition of a ‘good job’ is changing. (Yes, again!). Millennials are older (they currently range in age from 24 to 38). They are becoming parents and saving money to buy homes. Ping pong tables and beer taps were awesome benefits when they were in their 20s. Now? They want flexible and remote job opportunities and great parental leave policies. 

Find out what Millennials want from a job in 2020 — as the greatest generation comes of age. 

Flexible Workplaces

According to a survey performed by Udemy, 44 percent of Millennials say they want a flexible work schedule, and 30 percent want to work remotely. This means a combination of working from home, traveling onsite occasionally or being reimbursed for coworking spaces. 


Udemy also reported (surprise!) Millennials also want stability. Considering we previously considered Millennials the movers and shakers (as in moving and shaking from one job to the next) of the workplace, this news is huge.

In fact, 59 percent of Millennials surveyed have been at their current job for more than three years. 

The survey also stated that more than half of Millennials have a side hustle. This tells us two things: this generation is possibly grossly underpaid and they want to focus on things they’re passionate about (more about that later!).

Higher Salaries

When it comes to salary, Millennials want to see higher figures and student debt relief programs. Student costs (tuition, books, housing etc.) have increased 68 percent since 2000. College is more expensive than ever, and many Millennials are burdened with student debts in the six-figure range

Learning Development

Udemy also reported that this generation wants more on-the-job training and learning development. They care about job skills — and life skills! Even though Millennials spent more on higher education than previous generations, they also understand that four years in college is simply not enough. 

They’ll need future training and development. And they can’t afford it themselves. If they can’t access that information and education through their employers, they probably won’t get the training they need. 

Happy Work Environment

Job satisfaction matters. One of the most important factors for Millennials is whether or not they like their coworkers. HRDrive conducted a study that proved more and more employees are concerned about amicable coworkers. Employees want to get credit for their own work and expect others to pull their weight.

Side note: many Millennials feel discriminated against in the workplace. They’re tired of old stereotypes and being labeled as lazy, entitled and self-centered.   


Sustainability is also an important factor for 30-somethings (Hello, remote workplaces!). Many workers in this age group want work environments that are good for the actual environment and to work for companies that share their values. 


Another major factor for Millennials is a sense of satisfaction. They want purpose in their lives, a career — not just a j-o-b. They crave careers that instill meaning and purpose in their lives and help people. Maybe that’s why so many of them have side hustles? Because they’re not getting the satisfaction they desire from their nine-to-five.

Oh, and by the way, the one thing Millennials really hate? Being consistently pigeonholed and categorized. So, if you’re planning on attracting more employees in their 30s, don’t actively advertise it — and don’t openly put them in any boxes.