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Working from home is becoming the new normal. More and more employees are working remotely and thanks to COVID, major companies such as Google and Apple are also becoming increasingly flexible in terms of remote employment opportunities. While the benefits of remote working, such as increased flexibility, are immediately clear for employees, the advantages for employers are not always quite so obvious. Here’s our take on why you should let your employees work from home:

They’ll Spend Less Time Commuting

Firstly, cutting out stressful daily commutes is not only a time saver but can also be a huge morale booster. Research has shown that the health and wellbeing of your workforce is strongly correlated to their productivity. When working from home, employees arrive at their desks refreshed and ready to roll. In addition, working from home also reduces traveling costs, from gas to public transportation. This means that employees can spend more of their money on the things they love. The result is a happier, healthier and more motivated workforce, which of course, benefits your business.

They’re More Likely To Stay

One of the biggest headaches for businesses is losing employees. While endless meetings and outdated workplace practices may keep employees in more traditional organizations tied firmly to their desks, remote employment opportunities give employees the freedom they crave and also lead to enhanced work-life balance. Parents with childcare responsibilities will also be grateful for the flexibility. Working from home means better work-life-balance, which translates to happier and more satisfied employees. Happy and satisfied employees don’t quit. There you go, simple logic.

You Get To Save On Rent And Office Supplies (And Snacks)

Office space is expensive – there’s no doubt about that. We’re not necessarily saying that you should do away with an office altogether, but by proving remote employment opportunities, you can significantly reduce the amount of office space you need. In addition to rent, you also won’t be paying for office supplies – that includes your weekly office snack haul (RX bars, anyone?). Time to say goodbye to those useless expenditures. If you don’t want to make the switch to a completely remote environment, you can start by staggering your employees’ work-from-home days. Baby steps.

Providing remote employment opportunities means you get to save on office rent

You Get To Hire The Best

Workplace flexibility is becoming an increasingly important factor that employees consider when looking for a new role. Offering flexibility via remote employment opportunities can thus help you attract highly skilled candidates who may otherwise have not been interested in the opportunity. Moreover, no office also means you get to work with anyone in the world. Therefore, you have a far greater chance of finding someone with the exact skillset, experiences, and personality to best fit within your organization. Hire native speakers, bring in perspectives from other countries and cultures, and create a well-rounded group of professionals to innovate with. Check out platforms like Rise or Freelance networks like Toptal to connect with top talent around the world.

Communication Is More Efficient

Working from home would be impossible without the fantastic technology we have today. Technology is the key enabler of mobility, with Wi-Fi, smartphones, cloud computing, instant messaging, project management solutions etc. enabling employees to communicate and collaborate instantaneously. Thanks to these online tools, it’s far easier to get everyone on the same page these days.

You Get To Work From Home

Finally, perhaps the greatest perk of all is that you get to work from home. Nothing beats that, am I right?

Providing remote employment opportunities means you get to work from home as well