Working Remotely is More Than Working from Home

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Having the ability to work remotely comes with pros and cons, but it’s quickly becoming an essential part of our work lives, whether you’re a work-from-home mom, digital nomad, or just someone who can skip the office when you choose. Read on to hear about some favorite locations to work remotely!

Instead of saying “work from home,” we can really work from anywhere (with access to Wi-Fi of course) nowadays. Strictly working from home every day can get boring, FAST, but luckily if you work remotely your home is just one of many options available to you to create an office.

Co-Working Spaces

These spaces are a great opportunity to have an “office” without being in the office. A lot of co-working spaces will even offer snacks and drinks! “I used to work full time in Hong Kong; was able to travel across Asia given proximity. Working in co-working spaces is recommended,” says James Chen who works in finance and tech. Co-working spaces are not only desired for the convenience of them, but they also are a great place to feel secure while traveling because you know everyone is there for the same reason- to get their work done! There will not be any distractions of a normal public place that could have people just hanging out.  

The Library

When you think of a quiet place to study or get work done, the library may come to mind. Carmel, working in recruiting support says, “I love working at my local library because it has free study rooms. I absolutely love it. It’s nice to have a change of scenery on occasion.” The library is a great place to work, not only for the quiet spaces, but for all of the resources libraries have such as computers, printers, and a database to look things up for research. 

Working Remotely is More Than Working from Home

Parking Lots as a Favorite Location to Work Remotely!

“I am someone who loves to ‘circulate new energy’ and if I work in just one place for too long, I start to get really drained. Luckily for me, I’ve been fully remote for over three years and get to truly work from anywhere,” says Lucy Hunt, a fully remote marketing director for a tech startup.

“Lately I’ve been really loving working from the front seat of my car, parked at a ski resort, tapped into my hotspot. My focus and creativity are always refueled after a ski break… there’s just something about that fresh mountain air!” As long as there is a hot spot involved, working from virtually anywhere is possible, even if it is in a car. This would be useful as a digital nomad- if you do not have access to a coffee shop or local library, as long as you own a hot spot, you can find any parking lot to work out of. 

Your Backyard

Working from home can get boring, and repetitive, but can also be a great space to work from because of the familiarity of it. Sue Kelly, the GIG talent vendor support manager at a call center says, “I like to work on my back deck. I love sitting outside, listening to the birds, and enjoying nature. I bring my dog’s bed out and he enjoys soaking up the sun while I work under my umbrella at my patio table.” A great reason to work from home would definitely be to spend more time with your animals. We think spending more time with your animals is a great reason to work from home! 

Song Ju, a senior full stack developer from Hong Kong says, “I like working in the garden. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place.” It is important to feel content where you work to achieve your full potential while clocked in, and working from the garden would be extremely peaceful. 

Your Home Office

“It’s not the sexiest answer, but I’ve come to truly love working from home—wherever that may be. Easy access to my kitchen and things like a blender allows me to eat healthier and save money! I love that I can carry my laptop around on calls to get some movement in or lay down on the couch if I’m over sitting down. Once a week I’ll switch it up and go to a cafe if I’m having a hard time focusing on writing something,” says Jillian Stenzel, a senior content strategist and writer.

“When abroad, I always make note of where the nearest Starbucks is (assuming they have one) in case of an at-home wifi disaster. Love ’em or hate ’em, Starbucks will always have strong wifi.” Coffee shops are a great place to go if you are working remotely, which brings us to our next location, continues Jillian.

Coffee Shops

Aside from having reasonably strong  wifi, coffee shops are a great place with relaxing music to listen to while you sip on your favorite latte. Coffee shops are also usually extremely welcoming to people coming in to get their work done. There are coffee shops in a lot of towns/cities, so they are also a pretty easily accessible option. 

Pro tip: check out pictures of the location first to make sure it’s got enough space (and outlets!) to comfortably work. We find that most coffee shops are welcoming to people coming to get work done, but some are more grab-and-go while others have limits on the hours laptops can be out.

Working from home can easily be achieved through making the right connections and knowing where to start. Join our community today to get started on building your profile to show what makes YOU a shining star. 

Do you have any favorite locations to work remotely? Let us know!

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