May 10, 2020
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Oculus – Step into Rift Brand Campaign

Situation – Oculus wanted to communicate VR to the masses and launch its first advertising campaign. Our target was the gamer audience, which is known for being a challenging market to reach and to segment.

Task – Build and foster a connective relationship with the client to understand their goals and develop a campaign and a team to facilitate those goals. We set goals through conversations and creatively led work sessions. Bringing the tagline “Step into Rift” to life through the physical world splitting rifts to communicate the transportive power of Oculus technology.

Action – Campaign breakdown –
Multiplatform social-first campaign
Brand Anthem Video
A series of key art pieces
Targeted and social channel-specific approach to content communication

Results – This led us to an award-winning campaign that resonated with the gamer audience. We were able to meet and exceed the sales goals for the rift brand through our advertising. (password 0007)