May 10, 2020
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Toyota – Swagger Waggon 2.0

Situation – Toyota wanted to launch the second edition of the Toyota Sienna endearingly named the “Swagger Wagon” in a social-first campaign with a rapid turnaround and limited budget available for the relaunch of the updated vehicle.

Task – Doubled down on it being the year of the Dad, and we partnered with some incredible creative influencer Dads such as Convos with my 2-year-old and Action Movie Dad to create a series of videos highlighting parenting and the vehicle. We created a series of super fun and engaging content that showcased their humorous and unique parenting experiences. We launched a real-time social campaign, directly interacting with individuals on Twitter, where we had all hands on deck writing, designing, and approving content to push out into the world!

Action – Campaign breakdown –
Social-first campaign
Six videos created with influencer Dads
Real-time engagement posts
Targeted social channel approach
Multi-channel launch with specific outlets

Results – This earned over 1.2 billion impressions. 58.5 million+ impressions across brand-owned content, mentions on social channels and 10,200 mentions on Twitter in addition to Toyota was thrilled with our success!