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Posted on December 11, 2019


Project Desciption

We’re looking for a new teammate in Business Operations to join the Office of the CEO. This role will work on a wide variety of company projects and making sure that the team delivers on its targets is key.

About You

– You’re a skilled generalist. We’re looking for an internal consultant who can get up to speed quickly on a wide range of company projects.

– We’re looking for someone with 4+ years of experience as a consultant or entrepreneur. You’ll need to be effective in an unfamiliar area quickly and help set strategy.

– You believe relationships are critical to success. This role will be responsible for outcomes of projects but will have no direct-line manager authority. 

– You’re data-focused. If you need data you should be able to self serve a lot of it and ask the data team well-formed questions when you need something deeper. You’ll be expected to be able to do your own reporting and analysis regularly, with support from the data team on the hardest problems. It’s ok if your tool of choice is excel or google sheets, but even better if you’re confident in data warehouse and data visualization tools like SQL (we use redshift), Looker, or similar.

– You understand the importance of speed and iteration. You should have a bias for delivering work as fast as possible. Once you get feedback, you should be comfortable iterating (or even wholesale throwing out) your prior work in the face of new information.

– You’re an excellent written communicator. We’re also a 100% remote team, so this role will often need to write company-wide communication on a mix of important and sometimes nuanced subjects. You need to be clear, concise, and understand that the reader’s time is more valuable than your own.

– You’re solid at time management. You’ll juggle a variety fast-moving communications projects, and as a part of a distributed team, you’ll be trusted to work with minimal supervision. 

Things You Might Do

By definition, this role will have varying responsibilities. This is a list of some that have come up recently. You might do some or all of these types of things, but is not a comprehensive list and you may not do all of them.

  • Drive an internal company research project with external consultants, internal participants and stakeholders, and executive review.
  • Manage a cross-functional project initiative go to market
  • Dig into data to understand why a particular market segment is converting so well (or poorly)
  • Build deep understanding of the platform user journey (user funnel) and the User behavior on both sides of our marketplace. Then, help the projects that you’re working on pull the right levers.
  • Help the company make decisions around tools like when have we outgrown a particular tool? Or Should we consolidate competing tools around the company? 
  • Own a company KR and help guide all the necessary internal and external resources needed to help improve it.
  • Help the company-wide OKR process run efficiently and effectively – teach OKR best practices, run monthly review sessions, etc
  • As a part of our All Hands Support initiative, help customers have the best possible experience
  • Salary Negotiable

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