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Posted on April 16, 2020


Project Desciption

Groupmuse is seeking an experienced developer to join our team and help build out our platform’s support for livestream events, so we can raise as much money for artists as possible during this crisis (and beyond)!


  • Ready to jump into building a javascript front-end to support large group videochats with livestreaming and breakout rooms

    • Currently looking at Jitsi, Twilio video, and other open source video chat projects to implement online social gatherings that feature healthy socializing, community connection, as well as a stellar musical livestream experience

    • Currently thinking a somewhat standalone React app would be easiest!

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails would help! We’ll need to build out the API for this (in addition to other related user-facing features as the platform adapts to online events)

  • Ideally, some basic front-end aesthetic skills to layout simple, usable interfaces

  • Other potentially relevant skills: Deploying servers (maybe this one?), Experience with video streaming tech, Postgres, Heroku, Rails performance optimization, React Native (we’ve got mobile apps), UX copy writing, Product design, Figma


As the current pandemic closes down arts institutions world-wide, Groupmuse has emerged as one of the very few classical music organizations capable of adapting to support musicians through this crisis with real, meaningful, paying performances. In the past 4 weeks, Groupmuse has pivoted dramatically towards online livestreaming events, and the reception has been tremendous. In that short time, we’ve organized 50 concerts, raising $30,000 for players (not including our $25k musician relief fund). We’re foraging a path for both Groupmuse and musicians through this crisis – and beyond.


As such, our needs as an organization are changing dramatically. One area in which we’ll be needing much more support is software development. Not only do we need to upgrade our videochat + streaming technology, we also need to build out the platform to support, coordinate, and promote literally thousands of livestreamed concerts!


Groupmuse is a worker cooperative + non-profit hybrid, and as such, our salaries are lower than can be found in the private sector. That said, if you stick around for the long term, you will become an equal owner in the cooperative as the rest of the team (including founders, on a 1-person-1-vote basis). We are worker-directed, not investor-directed, and while you will have a direct manager (Kyle, our CTO), you will find that working here provides a lot of opportunities for self-direction as trust is built with the rest of the team. 


Our current budget is ~$3,000 per month. We’re willing to negotiate how many hours that means, but we’re looking for someone to join for at least 20 hours of work per week. While we are looking for a long-term fit, the simplest way to get started is with a 1-month contract, to be re-evaluated for fit after that.


Employees at Groupmuse earn an equal-voting share to all other employees (and founders) after working full-time for 3 years. To be frank, you should only join our team if you love what we do and you want to devote yourself to a project that has truly transformational aspirations – not just in how classical music relates to the contemporary world (we’ve already done that), but in imagining what a genuinely enlightened and zealously values-oriented enterprise looks like as we all reimagine the models we’ll need to keep our communities healthy and robust and profound.  

How to apply

Please email directly with:


  • Resume (if you don’t have one up to date, just write up what you’ve worked on and for how long)

  • Tell us about your experience / involvement in the Groupmuse community to date, if any

  • Short list of your relevant skills

  • Write up a description of something you built recently that you’re proud of, or something that was fun to build. It can be as simple as a particularly elegant function you wrote recently (feel free to include code), or an entire feature or web app you worked on. Provide as many details as you think helps explain how you think and how you code! (200-500 words)

  • If you have publicly visible code worth looking at, please link us to it!

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