Meals4Heroes Director of Corporate Outreach (Volunteer Position)

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Posted on May 13, 2020


Project Desciption

About Meals4Heroes

Meals4Heroes is a 100% volunteer-run organization providing meals from local restaurants to medical professionals working in New York City hospitals. Virtually overnight, the lives of our brave doctors, nurses, and EMTs have been completely transformed by COVID-19. Faced with brutally long hours on the front lines of a pandemic, health care workers are overwhelmed and have little or no time to focus on their own basic needs.

By providing nutritious meals delivered directly to hospitals, we are caring for medical professionals’ health and showing we appreciate the absolutely vital work they do to help keep the rest of us safe.

Director of Corporate Outreach

We are seeking a Director of Outreach to help us get in front of corporate and individuals partners to join our mission. So far, we’ve already served more than 20,000 meals, supported 23 local businesses, and worked with over 1000+ citizen heroes. This is a critical position to ensure the continuity of providing meals to frontline workers and to support our local economies. 

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