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Posted on October 24, 2019


Project Desciption

Rocketgenius, Inc. is looking for full-time Senior Developers to help us take Gravity Forms to the next level.

What You’ll Do

Reporting to our Lead Developer your responsibility will be to build and maintain Gravity Forms products. The work entails:

  • Collaborating with the Product Development team to brainstorm solutions to engineering challenges.
  • Prototyping and iterating on features alongside other developers, designers and QA.
  • Writing readable, secure, accessible, testable, standards-compliant code.
  • Keeping your teammates informed of your tasks and progress in weekly Zoom calls, Slack and project management tools.
  • Fixing bugs and liaising with customers.
  • Giving clear but kind feedback when reviewing code.
  • Helping to modernize the codebase while maintaining our commitment to backwards compatibility.
  • Writing automated tests and adjusting existing tests. We use PHPUnit and Codeception with Docker for acceptance tests.
  • Assisting the support team with troubleshooting.
  • Contributing technical details to documentation.

Is This You?

  • Your passion is to create remarkable software that is a pleasure to use.
  • After years of writing code, it’s still your idea of fun. It’s what you’d be doing if you didn’t have to work.
  • You have a solid grasp of the WordPress codebase, understand its quirks and faults but you love it anyway and contribute when you can.
  • You’ve internalized the WordPress code standards, but you use linters because you know nobody is perfect.
  • Your automated tests have saved your team from a disaster on more than one occasion.
  • You know you have a responsibility to write accessible and inclusive code and you strongly believe that accessibility is about more than just regulatory compliance.
  • You’ve already shipped and patched enough security vulnerabilities to last you a lifetime.
  • You’re comfortable with all the layers of technologies that are required to build and run a modern complex WordPress plugin. However, you know where your strengths lie, and you still get excited by the idea of learning whatever comes next.
  • You’re very comfortable writing and speaking in English with colleagues and customers.

Bonus Points

  • You’ve already figured out solutions to the challenges of remote working.
  • Some experience with Gravity Forms.
  • Familiarity with some payment gateway and CRM APIs.
  • Experience building another high-profile WordPress plugin or theme.
  • Fluent in multiple languages.

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