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Posted on May 8, 2020


Project Desciption

Why We Need You

Reporting to our Head of Culture Solutions out of our Schaumburg, IL or New York City office, the Senior Director, Research and Advisory will build new products that help organizations transform through culture, which is currently through their human resources functions. You will create and launch new solutions including best practice culture research, tools, templates, action planning resources/services, and workshops in conjunction with our Culture Strategist team. You will also work with our sales team to drive adoption of these offerings. You will fit our culture if you are passionate about organizational culture and culture change, excel at developing meaningful resources to serve our customers, and creating new solutions to drive culture change.

What You’ll Accomplish

      • In your first 45 days, develop a detailed project plan for an initial syndicated (recurring revenue) Research and Advisory offering:
      • Learn the CultureIQ Framework, methodology and approach
      • Learn the key business transformation use cases that CultureIQ has linked with organizational culture
      • Establish a plan for core initial set of advisory needs for HR leaders including tools, templates, resources, research and best practices regarding organizational culture, culture change, and actioning culture initiatives
      • Learn the data gathering capabilities (features and functionality) of our CultureIQ platform
      • Within your first 4 months, develop and launch our first offering of Research and Advisory :
      • Deliver an overview of a new advisory product to our Customer Advisory Board to solicit feedback and drive improvements
      • Create a full launch plan for this product
      • Work with our Culture Strategists and Program Managers to build an initial set of deliverables (research, tools, templates, etc.) for the research product upon its launch
      • Create a workshop offering for companies looking for deeper data interpretation/action planning post their data gathering activities
      • Work with marketing and product management to provide the materials required to both market and sell our new offerings
      • By the end of your first 6 months, develop a detailed research agenda for our 2021 advisory service.
      • Create a plan including innovative solutions and approaches for culture that will be developed into 2021.
      • Establish a plan of broader offerings to engage customers more deeply in culture survey interpretation and actioning
      • Explore the potential of expanding our advisory footprint (outside of the HR realm) as our new service takes hold
      • By the end of your first year, implement and deliver Culture Research and Advisory services to 30 customers
      • Build solutions in which 30 clients/human capital leaders want to call CultureIQ first when they want to drive action related to a culture initiative.
      • Innovate and update based on initial customer feedback

Who We’re Looking For

      • A passion for building high-performing teams and great places to work: You know the difference a great culture can make, and you are excited about working with our clients to build a high-performing organization. You want to use the latest research, best practices, and your expertise to inspire clients to change their cultures to match what they are trying to become within their businesses.
      • Experience leading culture-related initiatives: You understand the dynamics of leading, managing and developing human capital resources, and can demonstrate creative solutions to managing culture in your past. You may have worked in or led an HR function, although this is not a requirement.
      • Experience with change management: You have instilled, implemented and dealt with a meaningful change initiative.  You are able to address challenges with leading others to desired change, and can handle ambiguity with change efforts.   You have demonstrated leading a change effort and creating an environment that inspires people to adapt to changing situations, and to accept change.
      • Comfort with data analysis: You must feel comfortable working with data and interpreting it, and then working with our Culture Strategists to develop new and innovative ideas for research coverage.
      • Strong content creator: You have the ability to take complex concepts and break them apart into manageable pieces that can easily consumed by our clients. You must be an extremely strong writer and thought leader. You demonstrate the ability to morph content into multiple forms, including information graphics, tools and templates.
      • Strong process engineerYou can tell us stories about times when you have laid out and codified the best way to do something. The best candidates will be able to tell us about how they have tweaked this process using feedback they have gathered from first-hand observation, customer conversations, or guidance from their executive team.
      • Outstanding listening/teaching skills + customer empathy: It can be challenging to understand a customer’s point of view, respond to their needs, and teach them how to use a new piece of technology and a set of services all at the same time.
      • Influencing and relationship building: You know you can’t do it yourself. Youhave the communication skills and emotional intelligence to quickly establish credibility with and gain the trust and respect of clients and others in the organization. You must be able to balance asking the right questions with providing direction to ensure that initiatives are successfully implemented.
      • Accountable: It bothers you when people don’t follow through on their commitments. You have no problem planning the work, working the plan, and proactively communicating your progress along the way. You can tell us about times when you have rolled up your sleeves, taken ownership of a body of work, and delivered the results with minimal support. Bonus points if you needed to learn a new skill along the way.
      • Curious, kind, humble, and fun: We want you to be a person we enjoy collaborating with, spending time with, teaching, and investing in. You may be this person if you already invest heavily in those you work with, and if you consistently receive the feedback that you are a great colleague and teammate. A great sign is if people go out of their way to work with you, no matter the situation.

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