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Posted on May 7, 2020


Project Desciption

The Firm

We’re looking for the crazy ones that are going to change the world and unlike many funds, we’re doubling down during COVID-19.

Newchip is a global remote startup accelerator and fund with a goal of providing world-changing early-stage startups with the tools, skills, and mentorship and networks necessary to successfully raise, build, and scale their businesses to eventual acquisition.

We’re a veteran founding team with decades of experience, numerous acquisitions under our belts, and we’re looking for the next members of our family and team.

We’ve helped fund over $100M into companies and are looking for entrepreneurial oriented individuals who are in it for the long-haul to truly help startups and create investment returns to our investors.

If you’re looking to make a difference, we’re here to provide the mentorship, leadership, and long-term growth potential to make that dream a reality.

Mission Statement: We deliver results and set the standard for entrepreneurs and investors everywhere.

We’re a 100% personal meritocracy so save time to see if you fit our core company values below:

  1. Personal Integrity – We take ownership for our responsibilities and do what we say we will do no matter what.
  2. Humble & Coachable – We have respect for authority and experience, but also a hunger for constant 360 degree feedback.
  3. Self Motivation – We first strive to learn, grow, and constantly improve ourselves so that we can contribute to the team and mission.
  4. Gritty Resolve – We face down all adversity, we take all criticism, and we get knocked down, but we always get back up.
  5. Passionately Ambitious – We enthusiastically pursue our work because accomplishing the team goal, equals meritocratic and personal success.

Our Venture Partner Fellowship is a part-time to full-time general partner in training role that will empower and equip you to contribute to the fund in a significant way remotely.

As a Venture Partner, you will be responsible for assisting in the following activities: Fundraising (Portfolio and Fund), Partner and Co-Investor Development, Startup Coaching & Mentoring (Accelerator), and Deal-Flow Sourcing.

Your role long-term will be multitiered split between recruiting companies and investments into the accelerator and fund, startup founder development and coaching, leading and managing investments, and establishing a strong culture and vision for our portfolio companies.

The area of responsibility for this role is wide and requires thorough knowledge of various startup processes, industries, markets, fields, and skill-sets from both a strategic and execution standpoint- the ideal candidate is a previous Founder/CEO.

You must at a core be an excellent leader who can recruit, coach, and build other leaders. You will work with founders and their teams to develop processes, and externally with investment partners to help founders grow and close their rounds.

To be successful in this role, you should have extensive experience in senior leadership roles and/or as a founder yourself, because ultimately, you will find and “build” great startups, invest in them, and help lead them to acquisition post-investment.

Over time, your success will be measured by 4 key metrics in this order:

1. Your ability to assist in fundraising capital to deploy in the fund.
2. Your ability to bring on additional partners and co-investors.
3. Your ability to coach, train, and mentor startups to success.
4. Your ability to recruit and source deal-flow from your network.

You will be required to be an excellent manager, team builder, teacher, recruiter, communicator, fire-fighter, and issue resolver as your work will contribute to building a foundation for startup success in our portfolio for years to come.

This Fellowship is a 1-2 year fellowship program with the goal of full-time hire at our fund or another fund after completion.


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