There are many perks of being a freelancer. From flexible working hours to control over your workload, to the ability to choose your own clients. That being said, a career in freelancing is not easy – being hardworking is simply not enough. You often need to continuously develop new skills or improve existing ones to ensure you’re not underpaid. This is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite online courses for freelancers. Regardless of whether you’re a freelancing-newbie thinking about how to find a job as a freelancer or a freelancing veteran looking to fine-tune a specific skill, these courses will help. Ready to transform your freelancing career? Check out our top picks below!

1. Going Freelance: Building and Branding Your Own Success (Skillshare)

Course on the foundations of freelancing

If you’re wondering how to find a job as a freelancer, then this course is for you. In this online course, Justin Gignac and Claire Wasserman will teach you all about defining your personal mission, the power of side projects, creating a portfolio that will attract clients, marketing yourself, and setting yourself up for financial success. The course is a compilation of what Gignac and Wasserman have learned from being around talented freelancers and employers that hire them. It is perfect for beginners and is a fantastic introduction to the world of freelancing.

Price: Free for 2 months

Length: 51 minutes (9 lessons)

2. The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki (Udemy)

In a way, freelancers are entrepreneurs. Both take risks and build projects on their own terms, and only the bravest are willing to take the leap of faith. In this course, Guy Kawasaki provides tips and advice on how to take advantage of the resources around you and successfully run your business. Whether you already have a detailed business plan or just a great idea that you’re passionate about, you’ll find value in the way this course breaks down the various concepts of entrepreneurship in an easy and accessible manner. The course also includes plenty of real-world examples that you may find helpful. While the course focuses extensively on startups, Guy’s insight and advice are transferrable across industries, especially when it comes to using social media, pitching, and working with other entrepreneurs.

Price: Free for 2 months

Length: 51 minutes (9 lessons)

3. 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success (Horkey HandBook)

Course on freelance writing

There is no better way to advance your freelancing career than to learn how to write for the web. This online course for freelancers will cover the basics of becoming a freelance writer, from the different types of writing to promoting yourself as a writer in the freelance world. In addition, course participants can also purchase a membership to an exclusive Facebook group for leads and support. This course is ideal for freelancers interested in exploring opportunities in content creation, marketing, as well as in social media management.

Price: One-time payment of $297 or four monthly installments of $89 ($356 total). Registration gives you instant, lifetime access to all course modules and materials.

Length: Course includes 12 text-based modules and a 90-day pitch challenge

4. Becoming a Successful Design Freelancer (CreativeLive)

Becoming a Successful Design Freelancer is your guide to managing the logistics of a freelance designer life. In this course, world-class business strategist, designer, and educator Arianna Orland will walk you through the tips, tools, as well as the strategies you need to have in place to be a successful freelancer in the design space. As one of our favorite online courses for freelancers, this class covers topics such as how to create a design language that is right for you and how to expand your client list.

Price: $49

Length: 4 hours and 52 minutes (15 Video lessons)

5. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (Coursera)

Negotiation is without doubt a powerful skill to have up your sleeve as a freelancer. This course teaches you the four steps to a successful negotiation, including planning, negotiating, creating a contract, and evaluating your performance. You will have the opportunity to not only work on various assignments but also test your negotiation skills. By the end of the program, you will have enough practical experience to successfully make profitable and balanced deals in your freelancing career.  

Price: Free

Length: 7 weeks of study, approximately 75 minutes per week

6. Learn Photoshop, Web Design & Profitable Freelancing (Udemy)

Course on working with Photoshop as a freelancer

Wondering how to kickstart your web design business? This course will introduce you to the design world through Photoshop. You will learn not only the ins and outs of Photoshop but also about making good money in design. Through this course you’ll learn all about becoming a successful freelancer designer on crowdsourcing platforms, such as 99designs, crowdspring, designcrowd, as well as how to create website designs in Photoshop that your clients will love. This course is ideal for those of you looking to advance your freelancing career in the design arena.

Price: $199 

Duration: 23 hours on-demand video

7.  Get the Gig! Marketing Basics for Freelancers & Solopreneurs (Udemy)

Another one of our favorite online courses, this class is taught by Jacqui Moore. Moore has been freelancing in the TV industry for over two decades and has spent a lot of her time working with other freelancers. In this course, she covers her tried and tested framework of marketing strategies that will help you win more business, secure more contracts, improve your relationships with your network, and advance your freelancing career. You will learn how to develop a personal brand, how to stand out, and the basics of marketing to help you discover your value and expertise. If you’re thinking about how to find a job as a freelancer in marketing, then this course is for you.

Price: $49.99

Length: 90 minutes on-demand video