Female Empowerment

Rise’s Women Building the Future: Rising Women of ATX Event

For one day only earlier this month, rising women of Austin, Texas came together for...

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How to Handle Difficult Clients and Still Get Paid

If you want some serious insight into dealing with difficult clients, we’ve got you covered....


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A Little Help Is All It Takes To Lift Your Website To The Next Level

As a small business owner, you are already keenly aware that you need a website....


Self Care

Instead of that second cup of coffee, take a nap

It was the afternoon dessert that sent me over the edge. But The Dreamery came to...

Career Advice, Investment

How to Freelance and Still Get Health Insurance

One of the biggest fears many nine-to-fivers face is how to freelance without losing their...

Career Advice, Motivation

Asking for Help: How to Do It the Right Way

When it comes to asking for help, women are better at giving it than receiving...

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When Flexible Work is Not Just for Mothers

Top Reasons to Make the Switch When we envision flexible work-from-home positions, one archetype often...

Career Advice, WFH

Remote Working: Why Flexibility is Important

There’s no doubt about it: flexibility just works, especially in workplaces. We even have the...


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Meet Emma Cohen, co-founder of FinalStraw, the original, collapsible and portable straw, made to save...

Free Places to Work Around NYC


75+ Free Places To Work Around in NYC

There are millions of free places to work around in NYC great for co-working, from...